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Ganesh Intertrade Co., Ltd. 

is the leader in manufacturing and distribution of sterilized culinary innovation through the development of non-refrigerated products under the “O-CHA” brand.

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We trace our beginning back to 1989 as a cereal and grain wholesaler in Thailand. Later, we have expanded to dessert market. For the time being, we realized the uniqueness and meticulousness of Thai desserts so we started to invest in Thai culinary, focused on desserts, aiming to inform the world about Thailand via our desserts. However, as Thai desserts are normally made fresh, and cannot be stored for a long time, it challenged us to research and study food innovation to enhance the storage capability.


Since 2005, we have devoted ourselves to research and develop food processing technology. After years of research, we were successful to integrate culinary innovation into our product, making us the only manufacturer of the first sterilized Thai dessert brand to use modern standardized machinery while maintaining traditional look, texture, and tastes. The advantages of our products are….

                • Made from 100% natural ingredients
                • Have no preservatives
                • No need to freeze or refrigerated
                • No need to cook
                • Can be heated in the microwave, if needed
                • Ready to eat anytime and anywhere

O-CHA desserts can be enjoyed out-of-season due to a long-term non-refrigerate storage capability. O-CHA sterilized Thai Desserts, the legend of delicious Thai sweets is ready to deliver to consumers all around the world.

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Vision: The world leading manufacturer and distributor of sterilized Thai desserts with modern manufacturing process and high quality packaging.

Mission: To serve and educate the world about Thailand through Thai dessert as a true heritage of Thailand 

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